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What is B2B Integration? Will software be the future of enterprise communication?

What is B2B Integration? Will software be the future of enterprise communication?

In the digital world era, manual processing tends to die out. Instead, businesses are looking for ways to automate, integrate, and optimize their processes. This will help them communicate and collaborate effectively with their partners, suppliers, and customers. To do so, an effective B2B integration solution and strategy must be in place.

What is B2B Integration?

What is B2B Integration?

B2B (Business-to-business) integration refers to the automation of business processes and communication between two organizations or more with an enhanced ability to integrate critical applications.

That way, they can work and trade more effectively with their customers, partners, and suppliers by automating essential business processes.  It is a comprehensive digital strategy allowing business process automation and is the foundation for businesses to integrate significant applications.

These days, the global business ecosystem requires organizations and businesses to connect, collaborate, and communicate with:

Why Do We Need B2B Integration?

All organizations take their own approach to exchanging messages and files with their trading partners. That means all businesses use a distinct mix of applications, systems, and the cloud that require many different formats, B2B protocols, and governance and security considerations. 

B2B integration will help those disparate technologies,  which do not inherently communicate with each other, seamlessly exchange and communicate business-critical information across and within business lines.

Then, the ultimate purpose of B2B integration is to enhance external logistic workflows and system integration throughout the value chain and the supply chain.  

Also, B2B integration sets the table for end-to-end process execution as well, including BPM (business process management), global community management, and supply chain visibility, to comprehensively control your essential business data exchanges.

What Is The B2B Integration Platform?

The  B2B integration platform lets a business integrate all its intricate B2B and EDI (electronic data interchange) operations across its organization and partner network. 

This platform picks up information from source apps, then transfers it into standardized forms before sending the documents to the business partner through the right transport protocol.

People-level B2B integration solutions that allow traceability and audit control to be helpful for improved relationship management, including missed SLAs, chargeback situations, dispute resolution, and any issue that requires heavy collaboration.

Two Kinds of B2B Integration

Data-Level Integration

It involves document exchange (automatically) between external applications. For example, it includes all transactions in a load-tender-to-invoice or order-to-cash process.

It requires high-level automation for connecting a secure protocol for the data electronic exchange and the data transformation processes that transfer documents into a format that is readable by the application of trading partners.

People-Level Integration

This level allows B2B collaboration among people in various companies during business processes, such as trading partner onboarding, dispute resolution, many customer support scenarios, and more. 

It demands different trading partner management capabilities to manage profiles (as well as let your partners do it on their own) and capture and share data regarding performance as well.

Business network concept. Customer support. Shaking hands.

The Challenges with Currently B2B Integration Technology

Here are the ten main challenges many enterprises face in attempting to solve B2B integration with today’s deficient technology:

So vendors should plug these gaps so that more and more organizations can enhance their B2B integration processes and get quantifiable outcomes oriented to the business.


All in all, B2B integration is a great solution for organizations to streamline their enterprise-wide processes. With B2B integration, the information exchange is a stroll in the park!

The best way to approach B2B integration is to get help from reliable integration services, such as KinCloud.

KinCloud reduces the complexity of B2B integration with simple no-code workflow automation, giving companies more confidence in data accuracy. KinCloud’s system is made for every department, ensuring no one is left out of the conversation regarding B2B integration.

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