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Automation workflow management system

Fast and easy workflow management

For different technical levels

Years experience working
SINCE 2006
Digitally transformed thousands of organization

We helped businesses of all sizes and industries to innovate their digital channels and presence. By aiming to understand their organizational goals, we can tailor the most practical and evidence-backed solution.

Powerful enterprises workflow management system

Save time and cost

Focus on your business logic instead of writing configuration code or workflow definitions

Drive efficiency and innovation

Streamline processes across the organization, free your employees from repetitive tasks and encourage creativity

Scalable system

Fully leverage your systems and technical investment with a platform growing according to your need

technical team

One platform fits all departments

Technical team

Low code automation platform saving your team from heavy investment on technology and human resources.

Non-IT teams

Focus on making your operation great again by eliminating manual data collection and tasks.

Robust features

See how KinCloud stacks up to the best integration platform with our feature-rich offerings

Microservice orchestration
Guarantee success for multiple microservice calls
Error handling
Multiple solutions to handle the workflow and activities error during execution
Workflow studio
Drag & drop visualized tool to create workflows in minutes
Workflow as code
Flexible platform to write workflow as code with rich SDK support

Revolutionize operation

When implemented successfully, an automation platform can save your workers up to 50% time spent on manual tasks

Data centralization

Collect all necessary data and control access, ensuring all departments have the information they need

Enhanced control

Guarantee accessibility and effective management of data, systems, and overall operational processes

Secured system

Provide highly security and easily understandable, maintainable and usable applications interface

Get your company ready for rapid growth

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