Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems KinCloud Editor September 1, 2022

Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

The larger your business is, the more complicated the management becomes. If you are running an organization which has different systems and applications inside, you should need something to connect all of them for more effective management. To help you not be overwhelmed by various options, our article today will suggest top 5 integration platforms which can make your organization become a unified network.

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Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

If you want to find an integration platform which has an outstanding ability to connect different separate software for a unified system, you will find all the needed features in KinCloud. This integration platform not only links different software together but also automates business workflows. Therefore, your employees can stay focused and complete various tasks in one place. The developers of your company can write code-based and visualize them for all the departments in the business to understand. Also, the manager can keep track of business performance via performance reports. KingCloud also give you some advice of integration so if your business have a plan to integrate the software you can try to contact the team.


Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

The next option for your integration platform is Cleo, which is built on Cleo Integration Cloud. The main function of this platform is to connect your company’s current systems with necessary applications via different kinds of approaches. Cleo can help you handle various steps of the integration from transformation, orchestrating, and connecting to consolidating data. Depending on your data source and target locations, Cleo can use several ways to integrate data, without any mistakes such as data duplicates, or data missing. You can also take advantage of this integration platform to take control of your integrated systems as well. 

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Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

Flowgear which operates on the Flowgear .NET platform is also a famous integration platform. Established in South Africa, this company has supported a lot of businesses in the integration journey. Although it provides approaches based on the newest and innovative technology, it is truly user-friendly for developers at all levels. In detail, Flowgear provides business data transportation framework, cloud hosting, visualized structure and so on. 


Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

Next, we will mention a famous company, IBM with its IBM Cloud Integration. IBM Cloud Integration provides an ecosystem which can strengthen your data migrating process such as IBM InfoSphere Data Replication, IBM Data Refinery, IBM InfoSphere Data Stage, and so on. With this integration platform, you will no longer worry about data mistakes as each tool can handle different data integration processes, in on-prem and cloud deployments. Moreover, IBM’s set of tools can support various kinds of processes, from the old ones such as batch processing to the newest technology such as data virtualization. 


Top 5 integration platform to connect all your systems

The final option in this list is Informatica with its Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. Like IBM, Informatica also offers a rich network with various tools to support data integration processes, including transformation, exchange, replication, big data management, data streaming and so on. Therefore, if your business possesses a huge amount of important data, your integrating concerns may be alleviated with the help of Informatica. Also, by using CLAIRE and AI engine, Informatica also enables your augmented integration.


Choosing the best integration platform for your business is quite challenging. Therefore, before considering various solutions on the market, you need to take your business requirements and current abilities into account. We hope we can select one from our list above to strengthen your operation. 

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