IBM BAW vs. KinCloud – One simple difference Duy Nguyen November 7, 2022

IBM BAW vs. KinCloud – One simple difference


IBM BAW vs KinCloud – understand what makes the best scalable no-code integration software. Companies are moving away from using numerous highly specialized software to one single integration platform for better quality control. Here are the main differences business owners need to know between two top integration platforms: IBM BAW versus KinCloud.

Feature comparison

Insight: Businesses choose KinCloud over IBM BAW integration for its Interactive workflow management and No-code integration platform

Single integration platform
No code integration
Setup time
Cloud vs Premise
Target data silos
Security and Compliance
Custom third party integration
24/7 Consultation
KinCloud IBM
1-2 hours (Cloud)
Varies on premise
10-12 hours

IBM BAW stands for Business Automation Workflow. This is IBM’s standalone software to manage internal communication and data sharing. KinCloud is an integration platform that promotes cross-channel collaboration. KinCloud offers custom third-party app integration and intuitive workflow management, so multiple software and departments can freely and accurately transfer vital data.

Benefits of IBM BAW

IBM BAW is a powerful tool for organizations to expedite internal workflows. The application offers an intuitive dashboard for automated ticketing and tracking any internal tasks, from the smallest (refilling papers) to the biggest (weekly reports, data transfer, etc.)

AI-Powered automation

IBM automation strategies involve AI-driven decisions to optimize your business processes. The software is integrated within IBM’s larger cloud service, making use of fast processing powers to let artificial intelligence give business owners insight into their operations. IBM BAW smart AI can’t make business decisions for you just yet. But it can create accurate reports, notify you about workflow bottlenecks, and auto-trigger decisions you’ve programmed (like document approval or signing.)

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IBM BAW is a product of IBM’s mission to bring the latest technology into the consumer’s hands. Compared to other iPaaS, IBM’s early adoption of AI into its business automation system is signaling more technological advancements to come.

Scalable automation

Businesses with existing project management software like IBM BPM can quickly “upgrade” to IBM BAW using their integration service. Software migration can be a tricky business to pull off without complications. Therefore, having a dedicated on-boarding process to handle software upgrades will help businesses better adopt IBM BAW without much training or in-depth configurations.

Drawbacks of IBM BAW

Technical requirements

IBM BAW offers limited third-party customization with their mid-to-lower plans. Companies without a robust technical team will find it difficult to integrate IBM BAW into their business. This process can take weeks or months, depending on your expertise.

Companies looking for fast and effective integration will find it difficult to begin using IBM BAW immediately. Integration is a difficult process, but the longer your spending on R&D means more operational costs and daily inconveniences. 

Benefits of KinCloud

KinCloud is an integration platform aimed at solving data fragmentation between departments. Unlike other iPaaS, KinCloud offers accessible no-code integration workflows, even for your least tech-savvy worker. With a fast installation time of 1-2 hours, during which you’ll receive expert consultation, KinCloud is a fierce competitor within the integration service market.

KinCloud Screenshot
Ending data silos

The biggest concern with digital transformation is Data silos – fragmented data between multiple software. As companies grow up, different departments grow in distance, from using dissimilar software and having isolated processes. KinCloud provides companies with an accessible integration platform to eliminate data silos, so you can reduce operational costs and increase productivity.

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Unlike IBM BAW’s simple task ticketing and tracking process, KinCloud’s one dashboard can actively track multiple workflows from all of your channels. Workers can have the ease of mind in knowing their work is being updated and shared with relevant parties, while managers can have a quick glance at their dashboard to keep track of deadlines and notices. Most importantly, the shared data between departments ensure cross-channel tasks are accounted for, without having to use additional software.

Easy setup no code workflow

Time and cost are keys to effective digital integration. On average, for a team with low technical support, KinCloud setup takes only 1-2 hours. KinCloud’s onboarding process not only saves you installation time, but our team of experts will also walk you through the tutorial. Using KinCloud’s easy setup, companies can reduce training costs, making KinCloud a compelling option for growing businesses.

Drawbacks of KinCloud

Adoption of A.I.

For now, KinCloud lacks IBM BAW’s artificial intelligence capabilities. While it does provide automated reporting, KinCloud can only give you the data and insight you need to make your own business decisions.

Of course, companies looking to integrate third-party A.I. software can do so via KinCloud’s single integration platform. This will allow you to funnel your multi-channel data into your preferred A.I. app, without having to configure any additional connector software.

IBM BAW vs KinCloud conclusion

KinCloud offers an accessible path for companies to integrate all disconnected software, using workflow management and a faster setup time. While IBM BAW can compare in terms of third-party integration, it lacks KinCloud’s multi-channel approach to task and data management. Moreover, an easier and faster setup time with expert support makes KinCloud the more viable choice for businesses with a scalability mindset. Contact KinCloud for a free consultation to see if it’s the right choice for you.

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