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Boomi vs. KinCloud – Comparison

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Boomi vs KinCloud – picking the right single-platform integration software has never been trickier. Companies in search of an integration platform must discover their best choice through trial and error. Here’s a detailed comparison between Boomi and KinCloud, so you can make a more informed decision for your team regarding enterprise automation.

Feature comparison

Insight: Businesses choose KinCloud over Boomi for its No code automation and Elimination of data silos

Single integration platform
No code integration
Setup time
Cloud vs Premise
Target data silos
Security and Compliance
Custom third party integration
24/7 Consultation
KinCloud Boomi
1-2 hours (Cloud)
Varies on premise
10-12 hours

Boomi offers a suite of integration functionality, ranging from API connectors to eCommerce data management. In comparison, KinCloud brings configurable third-party app integration and intuitive workflow management, so all channels and departments can cooperate in tandem to expedite tasks and data sharing.

Benefits of Boomi

Boomi is a cloud-based integration platform. Boomi provides companies with useful integration tools, compatible with software outside of Salesforce’s ecosystem. Compared to Salesforce integration, Mulesoft has more functionality outside of sales and marketing.

Boomi application
Integration via AtomSphere

Boomi offers flexibility using its proprietary AtomSphere platform. The software provides users with API connectivity (AS2, API, SFTP…) all through an intuitive desktop app. AtomSphere can handle a majority of common workplace automation, from sales tracking to inventory compliance. This makes Boomi a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes.

Easy dashboard to test

Boomi’s biggest strength is its dashboard design for businesses that are just starting on their integration journey. So, instead of spending time with your engineering team to handle the installation and configuration, you can do it yourself with Boomi’s AtomSphere workflows.

Drawbacks of Boomi

Technical requirements

Despite being approachable to new users, Boomi is designed to be used by people with at least some level of engineering expertise: Developers, CIOs, CDOs… For those without exposure to the world of API integrations or coding, Boomi is a tough software to break into, even with its introductory course.

When it comes to integration, companies need to look for a solution that serves every department equally, with high levels of accessibility for its users. Boomi requires higher training and onboarding costs to achieve a fully omnichannel integration solution for companies.

Costly integration solution

While the software itself provides boundless integration activities for developers, much of its functionality is costly to scale with company demands. Boomi has many competitors offering similar functionality. The software’s pricing scheme is quite higher than average, promising little added value in exchange. What companies are getting with Boomi’s high sticker price is only the convenience of Boomi app suite integration, AtomSphere, and a learning course to complete.

Benefits of KinCloud

KinCloud intergration platform empowers omnichannel data sharing and enhances collaboration. Users can quickly access KinCloud’s intuitive single dashboard to browse and manage workflows pulled from multiple different on-site and cloud-based platforms. In return, KinCloud’s accessible no-code automation lets every user contribute to digital transformation, regardless of technical levels.

Eliminate department disconnection

With KinCloud, companies can put an end to Data silos – disconnected bubbles of information created by on-site applications. Using KinCloud’s omnichannel workflows, companies can pinpoint weaknesses within their internal processes. Simply connect two or more applications your already using to KinCloud and let data freely and securely flow between departments.

Resolving data silos not only creates a faster and more accurate stream of data for your team. This also helps companies move on from legacy systems to one omnichannel system, the true goal of complete digital transformation.

Easy setup no code workflow

KinCloud’s cloud-based integration platform makes it the more accessible option. With an estimated setup and onboarding time of 1-2 hours, you and your team can get automated workflows up and running while brewing that first cup of morning coffee. With KinCloud’s accessible user experience, even non-tech users can enjoy many of the software benefits, without having to do any training or homework. Simply keep using the software you’re used to and let KinCloud handle the repetitive tasks of data transfer and other redundant tasks.

Accessible expert support

A major drawing point for KinCloud is the ability to provide constant customer support to our partners. Our team of experts and customer service reps can help you resolve integration issues on the go, something not available when working with industry giants. For automation-forward businesses, KinCloud can be a constantly present partner to assist with the difficult process of integration. Companies can also choose to have a KinCloud expert show up on-premise for an integration audit and consultation, we will walk through our integration planning to ensure transparency for our customers.

Drawbacks of KinCloud

Cloud migration service

Cloud migration is a service offered by Boomi and many other iPaaS providers. Essentially taking your entire business into a cloud-based hosting site, cloud migration is aimed at solving different problems than cloud integration. Moving your organization to the cloud will not accelerate existing bottlenecks for your business. For now, KinCloud’s integration services are built to speed up manual processes and trim down your existing workflows.

Boomi vs KinCloud conclusion

KinCloud offers fantastic value for companies looking to optimize every department with task automation. Compared to Boomi’s developer-specialized infrastructure, KinCloud brings a more accessible user experience with No Code automation and faster setup time. Furthermore, KinCloud’s omnichannel promise brings scalability to every business. Contact KinCloud for a free consultation to see if it’s the right choice for you.

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