Why integration is needed for your roadmap tracker Hung Van March 3, 2023

Why integration is needed for your roadmap tracker

Why integration is needed for your roadmap tracker

It can be challenging to determine precisely how much labor you’ve finished as well as what is still to be done if you’re in the middle of a project. This roadmap tracker can be particularly difficult if your team members are dispersed across various time zones and not always accessible. Your ability to remain on schedule and maintain your team’s focus will likely increase the more regularly you confirm with your team.

Why does your roadmap tracker need integration?

Product’s objectives and guidance

Why integration is needed for your roadmap tracker

Different groups can use road maps for various objectives. As an obvious and visual means is the most efficient way to put the roadmap trackers’ direction into context, this is most frequently done to forge consensus and gain stakeholder support. Although it can be difficult to decide on including times or how to utilize people in the roadmap tracker, a sophisticated application like ProductPlan allows for this.

Which group you want to share the roadmap with will determine how to proceed. Sales teams and outside observers only get a partial picture in order to avoid inflating expectations or alienating customers in the event that things don’t go as planned. Internal executives and new game developers can see precisely when things are anticipated.

Sync the development team’s progress

Your product’s strategic plan will be conveyed to your development team, who will then divide those projects into specific tasks. These duties will probably be assigned and monitored in another software design tool, like Jira. In Jira, the development team divides an episode into five distinct user stories and allows the same point value to each story. All five tales can be connected to the corresponding tale in your roadmap tracker. Additionally, your roadmap tracker will update the “percent complete” field to represent the positive news as the coders mark each task as finished in Jira. The state of each requirement specification in Jira—complete or in progress—is visible when navigating the epic throughout your roadmap tracker.

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Stay up-to-date on your product strategy

An illustration of how our integrations can help you better educate stakeholders throughout your organization about your product strategy and development is the ProductPlan Confluence integration. With this integration, your developers, marketing team, or other teams can use a live copy of your Product Plan roadmap tracker in their Confluence workplace.

Most of the time your marketing or development teams collaborate and work on their Confluence website. Maybe they won’t want to sign in to your Roadmap every time they want to see the most recent iteration or need to be reminded of the purpose of an epic and theme. They will not be required to with this connection.

Manage and prioritize the product backlog

Why integration is needed for your roadmap tracker

Understanding the strategic goals of the product and the business is the first step in creating a roadmap tracker. The team in charge of product management can develop the key concepts to move the product in the right direction by keeping the intended results in mind.

Next, it’s time to examine the backlog to see which items correspond to those more general themes. Then, prioritize the projects you believe will have the most significant influence or the best return on investment. The strategic and tactical facets of production planning come together wonderfully when the project roadmap and backlog administration are handled by the same team.


A theme-oriented strategy and an outcome-oriented plan are very similar. What sets it apart is what constitutes the most significant level. It gives the team complete power to lay out the solution by establishing the goals you and the company will be working toward. With the majority of roadmaps, we see today, the problem is defined before the answer, which is a significant issue. Instead, turning it around can improve your team’s working atmosphere and maintain your stakeholders’ satisfaction.

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A product manager’s toolkit should include product roadmaps, which can be incredibly useful. However, they might be harmful to you as well as your design and development team if misused or without purpose (s). Contact us to share with you more advice on integrating your roadmap tracker.