What is a Data Silo Solution and How Can it Benefit Your Business? KinCloud Editor April 17, 2023

What is a Data Silo Solution and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

What is a Data Silo Solution and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

A good number of articles discussing how detrimental data silos are can be found online if you look for “what are data silos?” Some titles ask, “What is an information silo, and why is it harmful to a company’s organization?”.

What is a data silo, and how can you eliminate them?

A collection of unprocessed Data silo solutions that is available by a single division but kept apart from other parts of the company is known as a data silo. Consequently, that organization has a severe lack of trust, effectiveness, and transparency. This typically occurs because the Data silo solution is gathered using a tool for the company that is separate from the remainder of the technology environment. Because various groups and departments naturally have different goals and priorities and often work independently, data silos are typical in larger organizations.

Most certainly, various pieces of software contain your data. The best Data silo solution to prevent data silos is properly integrating those systems. Integration Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) is a fantastic option for users of cloud-based apps. Platforms are another name for integrated systems. These companies sell software and have a variety of products to handle various company operations. It’s simpler to avoid data silos when your sales, marketing, and support staffs collaborate with the same supplier.

How Can it Benefit Your Business?

What is a Data Silo Solution and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Improved efficiency

Of course, increased productivity is a major advantage of removing data silos. Professionals from different departments or companies may find it challenging to quickly obtain the data they require to complete their tasks and fulfill their obligations when data is siloed. Due to the need to physically transfer data between different systems and correct duplicate data, this can result in delays, duplication of effort, and increased costs.

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Professional and banking companies can improve interaction and collaboration between divisions, resulting in quicker, more effective decision-making, by destroying data silos and merging data across the entire organization. Businesses can improve pipeline leadership, growth of businesses, invoice tracking, dispute resolution, and other processes by transitioning from hand, worksheet-based processes to better integrated, automated solutions. They can ascertain the current state of every client interaction, the status of every active deal, and opportunities and issues that require instant attention.

Company growth

Organizations that grow too quickly may experience systemic problems. Data silo solutions down the hierarchy may involve several stages; infrastructure and procedures frequently don’t scale. Ad hoc procedures may be put in place by specific agencies to deal with. Other than the fact that they can clear up their data, they can integrate their data with the data that they have.

Greater agility

Consider the following possible situation: In order to ensure that these types of events are discovered as soon as possible, a company that frequently gets third-party data has set up regular checks and alerts. This company uses this Data silo solution to verify and govern data accessing its systems. The system sends these warnings via email to a member of the risk team for review, followed by emails to the team members in charge of the client onboarding analysis. The findings are then delayed when that risk member of the team unexpectedly cancels one day.

Consistent experiences

What is a Data Silo Solution and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

particularly considering that customer renewal can be as much as seven times more affordable than client acquisition. This will only become more important given the rise of subscription-based business models in almost every industry conceivable. You can streamline client journeys and deliver more consistent experiences by tearing down silos. This is important because 95% of South African customers claim to be more loyal to businesses that offer consistent interactions across divisions.

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Streamlined compliance

With their constantly changing regulations and best practices guidelines, anti-money laundering, or AML, and customer due diligence, or CDD, put a lot of strain on businesses, employees, and the systems they employ. Businesses can more easily manage AML and CDD, evaluate prospective customers, monitor relationships, quickly spot risk trigger events, and prove compliance by integrating data and procedures with automation, integrations, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud-based solutions. 

With the proper information, contact us to assist businesses to decide whether to accept a client and whether the revenue generated and the risk rating is consistent with the business strategy.