Travel and Hospitality Industry Upgrades with Integration Platforms KinCloud Editor March 24, 2023

Travel and Hospitality Industry Upgrades with Integration Platforms

Integration platforms for travel and hospitality, open platforms, and cloud technology are all the rage. However, it is still true that many motels use outdated IT infrastructure. As a result, questions regarding data fragmentation and visitor-centric perspectives remain unanswered. Additionally, many of the Property Management Systems (PMS) and Central Reservation Systems (CRS), the two main hospitality solutions used by hotel companies and individual properties, are fragmented legacy systems.

Benefits of Integration in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The guest description, rates, supplies, and availability are all similar when users look at these systems’ functionalities. Integration platforms for travel and hospitality should therefore enable these components in order for hoteliers to offer individualized and consistent brand experiences. The guest picture is more comprehensive thanks to the unification of hotel systems and data.

Integration platforms for travel and hospitality improve the guest experience at chain and property levels. For no other reason than to say that a healthy CRS and PMS should be invisible. The “information connection” fostered by technology benefits hotels.

How to leverage successfully in Hospitality And Travel Industry Integration?

Addressing Pain Points

Travel and Hospitality Industry Upgrades with Integration Platforms

Participants in the hospitality sector are more receptive than before to Integration platforms for travel and hospitality, which enables various points in the consumer journey to link and produce a wonderful experience. An airline might, for instance, make its Integration platforms for travel and hospitality available so that ride-hailing services can automatically receive information about changes to airport gates as flights land. Drivers won’t have to waste time and wait at the pre-advertised gate because they will almost instantly know when the passengers arrive at the curb to their luggage.

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Eliminating No-Shows

Integration platforms for travel and hospitality messages about forthcoming getting treatment and hair renditions have been used since at least this same mid-2000s, reminding customers about previously made bookings is not a novel idea. However, travel apps for the hospitality sector are now utilizing hotel APIs to maintain constant contact with clients wherever they may be. These channels of real-time communication include in-app messaging, phone calls, skype calls, and auto updates.

Businesses can also encourage customers to make hotel reservations, rental car reservations, flight reservations, and other travel-related reservations. Providers can receive their latest data through the same or a separate channel if the customer requires changes, which will allow them to respond to requests more swiftly.

Integrating with CartStack

Travel and Hospitality Industry Upgrades with Integration Platforms

Reservation abandonment can be prevented using Cartstack’s recovery tools, which enable hoteliers to reclaim up to 15% of all bookings. Once Cartstack and the Clock Internet booking engine are integrated, it can monitor visitor shopping behavior and identify those who will finish the booking if given another opportunity.

Depending on where a guest was in the booking procedure, they would engage them accordingly. For instance, their Booking Abandonment Email Campaigns automatically personalize offers and send them to travelers who have reached the booking stage but have given up the idea for whatever cause.

Connect digital ecosystem

Integration platforms for travel and hospitality and assemble all of your info on one platform across all of your systems. A “golden record,” or a 360-degree picture of your visitors, will be produced as a result. With the availability of booking information, previous transactions, tastes, mode of transmission, and rewards status, everyone operates off the same current data to streamline the complete traveler experience. To generate a traveler value score, you can also incorporate data from partners.

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Travel and leisure businesses are now focusing on recovery. Contact us to assist you in starting your road to healing. Based on experience assisting the biggest travel and hospitality organizations in the world in quickly responding to the crisis as well as lessons learned from assisting companies of all sizes all over sectors, we came up with a list of suggestions. Let’s get going.