Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies. KinCloud Editor February 24, 2023

Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies.

Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies


KinCloud gives all departments more usability and integration possibilities thanks to a user-experience-focused development methodology. Businesses that work to integrate automation into every department will gain more significant advantages from KinCloud optimization. The ability of the KinCloud team of specialists and customer support representatives to assist customers in resolving integration companies’ challenges on the fly, which is not possible when dealing with industry giants, is a key selling factor. KinCloud could be a dependable partner to help with the challenging integration process for firms that are moving toward automation. A KinCloud professional can also visit a company’s premises for an integration companies audit and consultation. They will go over integration companies’ plans. Contact us to begin your integration journey today!

Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies


Another prominent international supplier of AV equipment, services, and support is Kinly. Since this business specializes in integration companies and remote communication services, it should be your first choice for any of your teleconferencing requirements.

Kinly is praised and renowned over the world for its conference room solutions and online services that make it simple for companies to collaborate. Kinly takes pride in offering systems integration that can grow with a company, enabling workspaces to run quickly at all times. The extensive list of clients for this systems integrator also includes the Erasmus University, Bloomberg, Honda, Shell, AXA, and more!

New Era Technology

Due to their long list of well-known partners, including Microsoft, Cisco, Logitech, and Amazon Web Services, New Era Technology is ranked as a top business. The company offers end-to-end systems integration companies to clients all over the market.

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Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies

This multinational corporation has more than 60 offices and around 3000 staff members worldwide. Along with its outstanding list of clients, this business has over 25 years of AV services and integration companies’ experience, making them a reliable choice. This business offers assistance and knowledge in video conferencing, teamwork, and cloud-based services in addition to their systems integration services!


VSGI, which describes itself as a premium firm offering audio-visual integration companies for executive boardrooms, classrooms, and more, is the ideal illustration of a business that aids businesses in enhancing their user experience.

According to VSGI, their user-friendly technology can assist customers in transforming their methods of cooperation and communication. This business takes pleasure in its robust portfolio, demonstrating its ability to create AV systems that function flawlessly.

This organization has been offering effective integration services to various industries for almost three decades, focusing on advancing corporate goals. Meeting and huddle rooms, video walls, boardrooms, distant training, cloud-based solutions, and auditoriums are some of VSGI’s most well-liked integration projects.


Top 5 integration companies for mid-large companies

Through its best information management services and tools, ASP is committed to offering organizations uniform and unified solutions to maximize the value of their information. These solutions will help businesses recognize and comprehend what data has the greatest value, what information must be protected, and what data has to be deleted. No matter where they are located in the world, they will be able to use these solutions across all business divisions, all application platforms, and all data centers. To create solutions with agility, uniformity, and simplicity, ASP’s team consists of enterprise systems, data, data, and storage designers, security experts, and industry veterans in application retirement and archiving.