Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt. KinCloud Editor January 11, 2023

Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt.

Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt

As businesses continue to grapple with rising expectations from their digital transformation initiatives, enterprise platform integration (EPI) is becoming an increasingly important strategy for success. Platform integration helps enhance scalability and efficiency across multiple channels while opening up access to new technology that can further bolster the business’s competitive advantage. 

However, it’s not always easy to identify which integrations are best suited for your organization or even where to start – making it difficult to maximize platforms’ collective power. To help provide some guidance on this topic we created a list of Top 3 enterprise platform integrations that you should learn and adapt in order to elevate performance, reduce costs and drive greater agility inside your company. 

What is enterprise integration?

Enterprise integration employs technologies and approaches to connect business applications, data, private and public clouds, processes, and devices throughout the whole IT ecosystem. Enterprise integration is crucial because it links functionality and communication between systems, enabling enterprises to respond rapidly to market demands and develop into more agile and responsive businesses.

Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt

Multiple clouds, rife application sprawl, and data size are common components of complex corporate settings, making it challenging to govern or future-proof the organization. By combining the distinct data and application integration disciplines into a single unified effort with a single governance model, enterprise integration takes a comprehensive approach to tackle integration difficulties.

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3 factors of enterprise platform integration

  • Data Integration – EPI synchronizes all databases, enabling full data access throughout a business, regardless of whether apps employ software that is internal to the company or external.
  • Vendor Independence – EPI uses a middle framework, unlike some other services that force companies to rely on third parties to create a system integrator. This tactic reduces a company’s reliance on its suppliers and establishes an open channel of communication. EPI further enables developers to alter privacy policies, terms, and conditions, simplifying the integration of new products or providers.
  • Common Interfacing – EPIs enable users to connect with other users and access information through a single platform by leveraging a single graphical user interface (GUI). This feature increases efficiency by streamlining operations and communication.
Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt

Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt


Middleware is a piece of software that controls the flow of data between systems and interfaces by translating data in the background. Since this technique guarantees that the data is transmittable, it makes it simpler to aggregate data across all services.


The majority of organizations that make use of cloud-based applications employ microservice architectures. Companies can pull data from all services using a local server and transfer it to other services using an application program interface (API). Multiple degrees of encryption is also included in APIs to guarantee the security of data while it is being transmitted and delivered.

Top 3 enterprise platform integration to learn and adopt

Bus Integration

The bus integration approach accomplishes the same functions as the hub-and-spoke model but in a different architectural style. The bus approach carries out integration within each distinct application, in contrast to hub-and-spoke integration, which requires a centralized transmitter. This makes it possible for data transmission and retrieval to function in accordance with each service’s requirements.

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In Conclusion,

Enterprise platform integration can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. These top three platforms are a great place to start your research and adoption journey. With the right partner, you can successfully integrate these tools into your marketing stack. 

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