This is how eCommerce stores handle Christmas out-of-stock KinCloud Editor May 31, 2023

This is how eCommerce stores handle Christmas out-of-stock

This is how eCommerce stores handle Christmas out-of-stock

One of the problems many shops face during the busiest holiday seasons, like managing Christmas out-of-stock. The key concern, therefore, becomes how to get through the busy season without stressing over maintaining precise stock counts in your shop. From now on, you can earn money even when offline. Continue reading to discover how to do so.

Why do sales grow during Christmas?

Gamers are more likely to obtain the desired title over the Christmas season. Purchasing a game’s digital version is the simplest way to do this. Black Friday and Cyber Monday and other pre-Christmas sales have a significant influence on consumer behavior and encourage purchases. They are more likely than ever to be persuaded to press the “Buy” button in stores, whether physical or online. Because of these factors, your store needs to be well-stocked to satisfy the tastes of your clients.

This is how eCommerce handles Christmas out-of-stock situations


This is how eCommerce stores handle Christmas out-of-stock

Implementing a redirect is a standard strategy for managing Christmas out of stock or defunct products. This choice makes sense in part (and in isolation) because the website (and its content) are no longer available, thus you would want to link and consolidate.

Many e-commerce platforms provide automated redirects to the homepage of the website or the page for the designated product category. Users can anticipate seeing a product page but instead get on a category page, which can lead to a bad user experience. The consumer may not automatically navigate to additional appropriate goods on your website after that. It’s also important to note that general redirects, or redirects that don’t lead to a product or product line that is substantially similar 

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Communicate with Consumers

Get your product stock handling strategy in order and put it into practice before the busy season in order to foresee and avoid any unpleasant shocks later on. Recognize the present operation of your website and how it may affect your effectiveness. New handling techniques can also be planned and put into practice. For instance, you might use Cloudflare Workers to load a JavaScript layer onto the page and use the Schema markup to inform Google that the product is out of stock. Users can then peruse related goods, place a backorder for the item, or sign up to receive notifications when it is restocked while being fully informed about the product’s availability.

Christmas out of stock

This is how eCommerce stores handle Christmas out-of-stock

By getting to know their customers and providing them with presents, furnishings, or meals based on that knowledge, eCommerce shops may fully capitalize on these variables for Christmas. Christmas out-of-stock has a positive impact on sales, particularly when it pertains to word of mouth. According to research, 77% of customers claim they have suggested or paid extra for an item from a retailer based on personal encounters, therefore you should take a personalized approach into account in your marketing plan.

If appropriate, think about creating unique Christmas bundles. These should be pertinent for the user, with studies regarding upcoming holiday trends and niches and product and category performance from prior years.

Offer payment options

Interest-free credit is a fantastic supplementary payment option for wise consumers interested in spreading the expense of Christmas because it may be a costly time of year. Customers can select a payment schedule that fits their budget, with no interest rates or other fees to pay.

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Integration Platform

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is crucial in eCommerce inventory management, particularly when handling out-of-stock items. According to a survey by Retail TouchPoints, 62% of retailers struggle with inventory visibility and accuracy across all sales channels. An iPaaS can help solve this problem by enabling seamless communication between various systems, including eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and point-of-sale systems. This allows businesses to quickly and efficiently manage inventory levels across multiple channels, ensuring customers can easily purchase products even when out-of-stock. As a result, businesses can maintain accurate inventory levels and prevent stockouts, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

If you want an integration platform to connect eCommerce businesses to third-party software seamlessly, we recommend KinCloud. This is the one-stop solution to integrating your CRM, IMS, and OMS for accurate data transfer and order fulfillment tracking, and an absolute necessity for the upcoming Christmas sales season.