The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration. KinCloud Editor November 24, 2022

The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration.

The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration

Salesforce provides an all-in-one, user-friendly platform with the ability to generate leads, manage opportunities, forecast sales, automate workflows, and more. Additionally a cloud-based platform, Salesforce enables you to access your data from any location and on any device, including mobile ones. You can quickly sync data from Magento salesforce in the backend with the help of Salesforce CRM Integration for Magento. This integration supports more than 100 data fields. Customers, orders, items, and invoices may all be synchronized from the Magento salesforce by store owners.

Why Integrate Magento And Salesforce?

The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration

Your online store can gain a lot from a Magento salesforce combination, including increased efficiency, insightful data, and other advantages. The following are the main advantages of integrating Salesforce and Magento:

Data synchronization

Let’s say Salesforce and QuickBooks are both used by your business. Your sales representatives may now obtain all the data from both platforms using just Salesforce after the integration. They won’t have to change back to and from platforms because they will have all the data and insights they require in one location.

Advantages of Real-Time Updates

Magento can provide actual information on products, orders, prices, shipping, and more thanks to the Salesforce interface. Salesforce receives a complete update of all data when an order is made in the Magento front end. You can also enhance customer service by doing this.

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How to successfully implement Magento Salesforce integration?

Choosing Your Approach

The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration

Once your Magento installation and Salesforce CRM account are set up, you have taken the first step toward our subject for the day. Depending on how you plan to use Magento salesforce, and perhaps a third solution for a different area of your organization, how you go about aligning your systems will vary.

It’s vital to note at this point that Salesforce CRM and Magento can be combined to provide access to practically all of the data needed to monitor and manage. The most crucial action you can now perform is to consult the conceptual playbook and select the appropriate course of action.

Aligning coupons and custom coupon procedures

There is one additional aspect of placing orders and processing, which has already been discussed, that is worth looking into. Coupon codes can be created in Salesforce CRM and added to Magento orders. In the cited use case, each was manually aligned in both systems before being added to the ordering as a proportion of the total field. The only other action taken after receiving and processing a coupon code in Salesforce CRM is a pricing check following identification.

Setting up Salesforce API access

You will need to give some data to the Magento project team that can be incorporated into the API on their end in order to permit entry to your Salesforce CRM sandbox. Create a username (often an email address) and password first. The team will then go through the process of developing the identification (access) key for API access after this is finished. The Magento dev team must be given that information once it is finished.

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The right way to implement successful Magento Salesforce integration

Synchronization in Both Directions

Without Magento salesforce connection services, companies regularly have difficulty keeping up with order size. The process of transferring information from an eCommerce company to a CRM is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Additionally, it results in errors, data loss, and delays.

On the other side, when you integrate Magento with Salesforce services, you can be certain of bidirectional synchronization. It indicates that an order’s record in the Salesforce context is immediately updated after being entered in the Magento client end.

Lightning Service

Customers who shop at an online store anticipate having their issues resolved as soon as feasible. Operators of online stores must understand that delaying clients will damage their reputation. However, by employing a Magento Salesforce integration solution, you may successfully maintain client contact and services throughout each trip. If Salesforce and Magento are integrated, you will be able to manage all of your cases from all of your channels in one place.


Let’s mention that a company’s revenue and sales cycle is improved by the real-time integration of Magento with Software applications like SugarCRM and Salesforce. This action results in increased production, accuracy, efficiency, and speed while lowering costs. And it’s even better if you choose KinCloud which uses a dedicated integration platform with 24/7 expert consultation. Contact us to expedite your Magento Salesforce integration process.