System integration challenges and how to overcome them KinCloud Editor August 31, 2022

System integration challenges and how to overcome them

System integration challenges

System integration is a top choice of many businesses nowadays. System integration can bring huge benefits for companies, from boosting productivity to enhancing customer satisfaction. However, there are difficulties to get started with system integration and it’s hard for the business to overcome them. So we are here today to list common system integration challenges and suggested solutions for your business.

Common System Integration Challenges And Solutions

Keep System Integration Up-to-date

System integration challenges and how to overcome them

For the long-term project, you need to pay attention to keeping your system integration up-to-date. In this fast-paced world, technology is always changing. Therefore, certain standards and requirements need to be updated for each component of the system to ensure and maintain compatibility and tight collaboration. Your team can follow an agile approach to catch the changes and keep re-innovating your integration without making too many modifications, which can disrupt the business processes.

Lack Of Skilled Developers

System integration challenges and how to overcome them

The lack of competent developers is also one of the remarkable system integration challenges that your business needs to take into consideration. System integration needs a team of developers who have enough knowledge of different kinds of software, data migration and system development to serve the demands of businesses. Because it is hard to have an in-house team who can bring what you expect, you can hire an integrator company that has a lot of experience in system integration. Those companies can provide a “top-to-toes” service, from investigating your business’s current status to 24/7 support after successful integration. If you still don’t know who can help you with this challenge, you can try to contact KinCloud to get the expected advice and guides.

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Too Many Accounts

System integration challenges and how to overcome them

The bigger numbers of accounts your system have, the harder the integration becomes. If you are running a big enterprise with various software in the system and a large number of accounts of stakeholders, the process of system integration may be very challenging. Integration covers a large scale and it affects individuals’ areas of focus. Therefore, if there are any arising issues during the process, this group of stakeholders will start to blame other ones. To avoid that situation, it would be better if each group will take responsibility for the integration turn by turn.

Different Requirements From Different Departments

System integration challenges and how to overcome them

It is true that each department follows different processes and utilizes different resources in your system. Therefore, the integration process needs to gather all the requirements from all departments to generate mutual goals and standardize processes for whole businesses. This approaches also can help different departments can work closely to satisfy business purposes. However, if there are some specific criteria, additional features can help those departments work well with the whole system integration.


Depending on each business context, there are several other obstacles that the business needs to deal with during its integration. If you want to find a supporter who can help you overcome those system integration challenges, you can try to contact KinCloud to have the best suitable and powerful approaches.

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