Quick guide to auto lead management KinCloud Editor October 10, 2022

Quick guide to auto lead management

Quick guide to auto lead management

Lead management has been always a crucial part of customer attraction and engagement to maintain an acceptable level of revenue for businesses. Auto lead management is considered an innovative way to boost efficiency and we will show you how to adopt it in your current companies.

Easiest Ways To Begin With Auto Lead Management

What Is Auto Lead Management

Maybe you know what lead management is. To shortly say, lead management is a process of following and nurturing all leads of the businesses. Lead management ensures a stable source of customers for sales and helps the businesses maintain expected revenues for a long time. Lead management includes several steps to convert target audiences to final customers, which we will explain later in this article. Auto lead management is an automated version of this task, with the top-to-toes support of automation software.

Quick guide to auto lead management

Catch The Information At The First Interaction

To take advantage of all the chances to convert, auto lead management needs to be active at the first interaction. For example, the first click on the paid ads, the first message to ask about products, or the first login to your stores are all valuable starting points to get started with auto lead management. First interactions will provide fundamental customer data such as ages, genders, locations, and preferences to draw their portraits. Then, automation can come up with different approaches to make buyers come closer to successful orders. To utilize the effectiveness of this step, businesses need to identify which kinds of information they need to collect and customize suitable first engagement. 

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Run Referral System

Quick guide to auto lead management

Referral plays a key role in customer leads, that use the influences of old customers to refer needed leads. For example, a post customer will refer your products to his friend, and then that friend places an order successfully, so you give that customer a discount on the next purchase. For this approach, you may need a referral system to auto lead management. Also, you can take advantage of an automation application to form a workflow, which can track referral programs and active discount coupons when needed. 

Update Customer Taste

Quick guide to auto lead management

These days, our world is changing truly fast, and so are customer preferences. The businesses, as a result, need to keep updating new trends and customer demands to maintain seamless customer lead. You may take advantage of some ways to communicate with customers such as email marketing, online surveys, pop-up surveys on websites, etc. to figure out each customer’s tendencies. The involvement of automation in this approach can automatically collect data through customer interactions, and then analyze it to generate meaningful insights.  

Take Advantage Of Lead Management Systems

Quick guide to auto lead management

The lead management system is a not new solution for modern businesses. In fact, the newest automation applications on the market can manage leads with their customer segmentation features or different kinds of workflows. For example, KinCloud can automatically classify customers into suitable groups based on their information, behaviors, order value or lifetime spending so your businesses can come up with suitable approaches to nurture leads.


After spending time on our guidelines, we hope you can get some key steps to get started with auto lead management. Also, if you still need more advice to nurture customer leads, you can try to contact KinCloud to get desirable solutions.

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