Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform. KinCloud Editor November 24, 2022

Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform.

Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform

The Magento Shipping connection enables developers to programmatically control the shipping options and features for their Magento stores. It includes obtaining delivery options, costs, and shipment tracking data.

Out-of-the-box shipping options offered by Magento include fixed amounts, free delivery, and table-rate shipping. Additionally, Magento supports a number of well-known outside shipping companies, like FedEx, UPS, USPS, and others.

Why is magento shipping integration important?

Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform

Companies can make their online store a cutting-edge e-retail area by integrating its data with 3rd applications with Magento shipping integration platform. You can streamline your processes while still offering top-notch customer service thanks to Magento shipping. Website owners can prevent losses brought on by shipping mistakes. Additionally, it reduces shipping headaches and boosts conversion rates and purchases. Furthermore, it improved the shopping experience, which increased client happiness. gives clients the option to choose the price and delivery speed of the things they buy, and allows online shops to compute shipping for several items using just one API call.

With this Magento shipping integration feature, you’ll never miss an order

Accurate Shipping Rates at Checkout

Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform

Offer your consumers the fastest, cheapest, and most outstanding value for their money with real pricing from inside your Magento store, rather than estimating delivery costs. Additionally, you may use Easyship’s Free Shipping policies to increase conversions.

Pay Duties and Taxes in Advance for Seamless Delivery

Import taxes and fees can be significant expenses when shipping overseas. We give you complete transparency regarding anticipated import taxes, tariffs, and fees. We even let you prepay these amounts to guarantee a smooth delivery in perfect harmony with Prices at Checkout.

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With shipping rules, eliminate repetitive tasks.

To personalize your delivery preferences and save time on human labor, use Magento shipping integration. With the help of this function, you can establish detailed guidelines for selecting a service based on factors such as delivery destination, product type, weight, and more.

Save expenses and save time

Never miss an order with this Magento shipping integration platform

Using Magento shipping integration, you may reduce the hours needed for order fulfillment. You may notice an intuitive interface as soon as you start using it, which lowers order administration to a simple point-and-click process, enabling you and your staff to begin using the program immediately. Every component of Magento shipping integration maximizes usability and time savings, which eventually translates into lower costs for your company.

Support for scales and thermal printers

The thermal label printers as well as all common inkjet and laser printers are supported by Magento shipping integration  Your printing procedure is substantially simplified by allowing you to designate which printers and container each print command should go to. Additionally, the majority of scales require a zero setting, so weighing your items is always quick and precise. The Magento shipping integration script, establishes a direct connection with your Magento account. Your orders are imported from Magento with a single click or on a predetermined schedule. Shipping work can update  Magento with the new order status, shipping method, and tracking information as soon as you execute a shipment.


Companies can combine their information with third-party applications using Magento shipping integration services to create a cutting-edge online retail environment. The integrations improve the overall user experience while addressing store-specific needs. Contact us to help you integrate the Magento shipping module to improve your e-commerce website.