How to calculate your enterprise integration cost. KinCloud Editor February 2, 2023

How to calculate your enterprise integration cost.

How to calculate your enterprise integration cost

These days, many businesses manage their operations using a variety of technologies, including accounting, inventories, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), support ticket systems, etc. Enterprise integration costs arise as a result of the fact that all this corporate data is frequently dispersed across numerous platforms. Many of these programs operate in “the cloud” today. The most used programs are SAP, Zendesk (for support), Intacct and NetSuite (for managing accounting and inventory), (for managing customer and lead information), and NetSuite and Intacct (for managing accounting and inventory). These programs all contain mission-critical business data.

Why Does Enterprise Integration Cost Keep Climbing?

According to a Gartner analysis, the broad adoption of enterprise integration cost is to blame for rising software expenses. For example, SAP’s Integration Suite and Oracle’s Integration Cloud are only two of the main business software companies that provide inbuilt integration solutions. But what if your company needs to link environments from different application vendors? A platform for integration (IPaaS) might be the preferable option. But according to Gartner, “by YE24, integration charges related with iPaaS licenses and hidden charges will improve total subscription prices by at least 20%,” which would negate any savings that might have been expected from using a best-fit app.

How to calculate your enterprise integration cost

How to estimate the cost of your enterprise integration

Platform-based integration

The enterprise integration cost server license and adapters for each of the apps you might want to integrate could be purchased or leased in a typical situation. How much does enterprise integration cost? Here are some statistics that I gathered from the above-mentioned vendors’ publically accessible websites after doing some research.

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Cost of Cast Iron Systems Integration: Cast Iron Systems start at roughly $36,000 per year, plus the price of any expert setup assistance. Pricing for Boomi Integration Boomi Base is available for about $6,600 per year and includes two connections. supports set-up “widget” integrations as well. Pricing for Pervasive Integration: Pervasive costs start at about $16,000 per year, plus $6,000 per person per year for designers. 

Pricing for JitterBit Integration: JitterBit integration costs start at about $15,000 per year. Pricing for Adeptia Integration: Adeptia integration costs start at around $14,000 per year. Pricing for SnapLogic Integration: The integration server (which supports infinite data, connections, and connectors) costs around $10,000 per year, plus additional fees for each snap.

Development and Setup

We start by examining the finished result. We want to improve the speed at which IT builds and delivers client requests for changes to our customer app. How then do we quantify that? Metrics specific to each system exist. Enterprise integration cost keep track of requests made in one platform, the release of additional features in another, and the impact those additions have on customer problems in still another. They start to comprehend the overall customer results our integrations help to when we carefully curate the gathering and analysis of these indicators.

Enable productivity

How to calculate your enterprise integration cost

Monitoring key areas of production in your ecosystem allows you to link the effectiveness of integrating to the results you provide for your customers. If transferring customer support data between teams is an important part of the connection, look for process indicators that you can use as metrics. The duration between customer support escalations and resolutions appears to be being measured here, rather than just the overall amount of tickets. For instance, you wouldn’t gauge your productivity by the number of emails you receive but rather by how many you are able to respond to within a certain time range.

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Lowering the enterprise integration cost

The key is to get all of your systems well connected, understand project phases and resource allocation, and use the appropriate system integration tools. A dependable and centralized integration automation platform gives you complete flexibility to add new data points, tools, and processes to your integration setup while allowing you to connect software rapidly, affordably, and fast.

The rising tendency of suppliers making perpetual license support either prohibitively expensive or unavailable ought to serve as a powerful impetus for the growth of the current third-party support industry. Contact us to assist you about concepts, objectives, and difficulties related to services or system integration.