Franklin Energy Campaigns automation vannk September 12, 2022

Franklin Energy Campaigns automation

Get to know Franklin Energy

For utilities, states, and municipalities in the US and Canada, Franklin Energy is a recognized leader in designing and implementing grid optimization initiatives.

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, the company has grown beyond the commercial and industrial sectors to become a full-service provider of demand response and energy efficiency solutions. Presently, their service is divided into three primary categories: programs, platforms, and products.

Finding an automation solution is challenging

Franklin Energy, which operates in three separate industries at once, is always looking for the ideal automation solution that will significantly lessen the amount of repetitive work.

Depending on the kind of products, their most pressing need was to schedule discount offers with a percentage off, like “20% off,” or a precise amount off, like “save $14.” The inability to publish themes, product categories and pages before midnight or the start of a business day also infuriated the staff at Franklin Energy. It would be preferable if a full-stack automation platform took control of them all.

However, prior solutions fell short of their goals until they discovered our solution.

Why us?

The first automation platform for BigCommerce shops is something we take great pride in. The program includes a number of readily usable pre-built templates in addition to simple workflows.

The crew quickly became accustomed to the app’s user interface and launched their first process.

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Franklin Energy can book many events concurrently with our solution, independent of the day, time, or discount offered. They must set up a workflow that uses If-then logic to accomplish this.

Evidently, we enable the retailer to lengthen the promotion period in order to better serve their clients. “It looks like there are virtually unlimited possibilities with schedule modifications in the business.”

Franklin Energy currently requires less human labor as a result of Atom8. The app helped the company improve overall customer satisfaction by streamlining its corporate procedures.

The organization also thought the Atom8 customer support staff was incredibly attentive and professional.

The retailer’s representative, Jamie Fiore, said, “The customer service is more than helpful and willing to help out with any concerns.”

Having said that, the team has always relied on Atom8 for its powerful capabilities, which streamlines its omnichannel business strategy.

Moving forward

Our automation integration and efficient workflows have helped Franklin Energy to experience a noticeable performance acceleration compared to prior years. So they made the decision to implement the solution on roughly 20 additional BigCommerce stores they are in charge of.

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