Creative project management workflows to try KinCloud Editor October 6, 2022

Creative project management workflows to try

Creative project management workflows to try

To ensure standardized and efficient processes for all business tasks, the company should have useful workflows to automatically run. There are several ideas to build a workflow that serves your purposes and promises to bring expected outcomes but choosing one which can optimize your company resources and fit your procedures is much harder. Therefore, our article today will give you some suggested project management workflows with detailed descriptions. 

Project Management Workflows Your Teams Definitely Need

Software Integration

Creative project management workflows to try

One of the most popular project management workflows which definitely strengthen your business is software integration. To simply explain, software integration is the function to connect different apps and software to form a unified system. Then, instead of jumping among different apps to execute the tasks, employees only need to stay focused in one place and take several actions through integrated tools. For example, KinCloud has a strong ability to integrate hundreds of separated software, so you can take advantage of it to automatically send email marketing to customers via connected email template apps. Depending on what types of tasks your business is running, you may need to choose to connect with suitable apps. 

Process Tracking

Creative project management workflows to try

An efficient project management workflow needs to cover process tracking. Keeping track of team performance is truly essential for any business as it can ensure the work schedule, take immediate actions on arising issues and maintain stable operation. There are some different ways to form a tracking workflow, entirely depending on business size, specific procedures and people in charge. This kind of workflow is tightly related to the proofing and approving processes, as it will notify the supervisors or managers to give feedback on the work when it reaches certain stages. That interaction can happen in real time so the team can quickly move on each step and complete the tasks on time. 

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Centralized Communication

Creative project management workflows to try

We have mentioned a few words about comments, feedback, and approvals in previous paragraphs, and we are discussing more this centralized communications as a useful approach for project management. For many businesses, it is ideal that the staff can work, chat and give comments on one workspace so we need tools to make sure those functions are integrated on a centralized platform. That kind of working space can notably sharpen collaboration and make teamwork outcomes more fabulous.

External Stakeholders Involvement

Creative project management workflows to try

Normally, your business doesn’t work alone, and you may have partners, clients, agencies, or third parties who will go along with you on some projects. Therefore, a project management workflow that covers the involvement of stakeholders is much more preferred. In detail, you may need a workflow that requires that stakeholders to take some steps for verification and then approve them to access the system. Also, that process will run automatically, so you don’t need to check the validity and approve by hand. Besides, you can customize the workflow to personalize the rights of involvement, whether the clients can see, give comments or make adjustments. 


Having awesome project management workflows will help you save a lot of effort on managing and controlling, and also bring the expected achievement of your work. We hope you can get some ideas from our suggestions or find more personalized solutions at KinCloud.

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