Best ways to automate business tasks KinCloud Editor October 6, 2022

Best ways to automate business tasks

Best ways to automate business tasks

Upgrading to automation is a popular trend in many modern enterprises. With powerful advantages, automation promises to boost operation productivity, satisfy both employees and customers, and maintain a stable run in long term. Therefore, we are here to bring detailed guidelines to automate business tasks so the business runners will feel confident to get started and take full advantage of automation. 

Strategic Approaches To Automate Business Tasks

Choose A Department

Best ways to automate business tasks

Before starting to automate business tasks, the companies need to identify which departments need to transform to automation. Based on the working performance, managers can figure out which problems each team is facing, and come up with suitable automated approaches. For example, if the marketing department is dealing with inefficiency when collecting customer feedback, they may need to automate sending emails to ask for feedback. The managers, then, need to keep an eye on the whole business operation, to set the priority for some departments which immediately need to be automated.

Form SOPs

Best ways to automate business tasks

Next, businesses need to take time to create Standard operating procedures (SOPs) before starting to automate business tasks. This document will contain all essential actions and people in charge of each step to complete real workflows, and businesses can rely on it to design automated workflows. All the employees can take part in the process of forming and designing SOPs as they have the right to decide how the procedures are to get their expected outcomes. When the departments agree on specific SOPs, the companies can move on to the next step.

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Identify Repetitive Processes

Best ways to automate business tasks

Next, we need to go deeper into the current operation to identify repetitive, laborious, tedious tasks which need to be automated. The managers may need to put themselves in employees’ shoes, evaluate the expected outcomes of each planned automation process and consult people-in-charge’s opinions to make accurate decisions. 

Create Workflow & Automate

Best ways to automate business tasks

Next, you need to choose an automation application to form your workflows or customize your own from available workflows. If you are running eCommerce businesses, you may find interest in Atom8 on Shopify or BigCommerce, but if you are doing business in other industries, KinCloud may fit your expectation. Choosing a well-matched software is truly crucial and directly affects your operation. Automation software allows companies to automate different kinds of business tasks, from marketing to inventory management, thanks to the strong ability to integrate hundreds of specialized applications. 

Check On The Performance

Best ways to automate business tasks

Some automation applications export detailed performance reports giving businesses the outcomes of workflows. Companies then can evaluate the effectiveness of the automated workflows, detect some potential issues and come up with suitable ideas to strengthen the automated processes. Moreover, performance reports are also a useful source when the business plan to expand automation to other departments and for the whole business.


With our instructions above, we hope you will no longer be afraid of getting started with automation and become confident to automate business tasks step by step. Moreover, if you need more advice and guidelines in this field, feel free to contact KinCloud.

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