Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform. KinCloud Editor December 12, 2022

Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform.

Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform

Magento QuickBooks integration enables the exchange of information about your customers, orders, and goods between your web retailer and the accounting program. Integrate QuickBooks using Magento as well as other business software to simplify your company’s operations.

Why Combine Magento And QuickBooks?

Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform

Your procedures become resource-intensive and error-prone due to a lack of system cohesion. Additionally, it interferes with your processes’ visibility and compels you to make costly mistakes in judgment.

The Magento QuickBooks integration gets rid of the need for recurrent human data entry on your systems, along with the faults and reworks that come with it. When data is entered into one system, it is automatically and nearly instantly mirrored on the other system, depending on the regularity of data synchronization. In order to stay one step ahead of your rivals, you could see your sales funnel, stock, order processing, and more.

Start integrating Magento and Quickbooks utilizing a single cloud platform


Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform

The ELT procedure assumes that cloud data is simply copied to a database system or database in its current state, leaving the database server to handle all transformation chores. The task is accomplished with simple-to-configure Replication packages, which are frequently used, for instance, when uploading information into cloud warehouses with an affordable and almost unlimited processing capacity for transformations.


Solving the integration puzzle is a difficult task. Integration may show to be the only option for firms that have too many complicated on-site operating systems and applications. KinCloud provides two distinct ways for your company to establish an integration platform: on-premises and cloud-based swiftly.

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Regardless of your level of technical expertise, setting up KinCloud’s cloud-based solution would take just 1-2 hours. After installation, our team of professionals will walk you through every step so you can see benefits right away. KinCloud stands out from the competition thanks to its simple and customer-centered installation process in comparison to the typical iPaaS solutions.


Magento QuickBooks integration utilizes information that must be converted before being loaded into the target database according to the ETL procedure, which assumes that the data structures in the source and destination are different. Import packages with strong matching and transformation capabilities will be able to handle tasks like creating an OLAP schema or simply having target tables for data already defined.


Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform

The configuration is the common integration procedure between Magento and QuickBooks. The following steps are shared in the section below:

You will first see a variety of workflows, all of which are optional. You can look at the process and what it is capable of to choose the one you want. The configuration procedure begins once you choose a workflow. You must pick the order state in Magento when the option to create orders is selected. 

From this status, the application will retrieve sales for synchronizing them to QuickBooks. Next, decide how well the orders will appear in the accounting software. The data pertaining to stock levels will then be sent to Magento QuickBooks integration. You must select the desired workflow and click the save button in order to achieve this.

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Magento Order Export Module

Begin Magento Quickbooks integration using one cloud platform

The Magento Order Exports Module was not created with QuickBooks integration as its primary goal. However, it enables retailers to import and export CSV files containing order data. It can then be transported into a variety of backend programs, and QuickBooks is one of them. Unlike all the extensions discussed above, Magento Order Export does not automate any processes. For Magento QuickBooks integration, it necessitates an additional step. The time saved over manually inputting orders into QuickBooks is undeniable.

Magento DataLink for QuickBooks

An essential add-on for Quickbooks integration is Magento Connector for QuickBooks/Magento DataLink. A business can completely enhance the functionality offered by the QuickBooks application using Magento Connector. With this extension, connecting a Magento QuickBooks integration is entirely automated. Since data input costs are eliminated, the likelihood of data entry errors is decreased, and delivery times are eventually shortened, Magento DataLink may increase gross income.


With some little technological know-how, anyone can set up the Magento Quickbooks integration on their own. However, since they concentrate on the complexities you might not be able to manage, it is always preferable to choose a professional integration service. Contact us to assist you in simply and quickly connecting Magento Business Intelligence with QuickBooks Online