Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes KinCloud Editor November 5, 2022

Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes

Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes

Businesses are benefiting from customer service automation in ways like a 30% drop in client service costs, a 39% increase in client satisfaction, and 14 times more revenue. With these types of results, it should come as no surprise that by the year 2022, automated technologies like chatbots will account for a staggering 70% of client contacts.

What is Automated Customer Service & Why it is Important

Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes

Automated customer service is a kind of customer assistance that involves fewer people in responding to client questions. Automated customer service is achieved by businesses employing self-service tools, proactively communication, or simulated chat sessions. Companies have often employed a group of customer care representatives to assist consumers in resolving problems. These customer care representatives handled customer contacts via incoming calls, emails, and other media. The company needed more support employees as it expanded.

You can answer frequent client inquiries using FAQs, help guides, and tutorials in addition to automating your typical support workflow activities. The importance of automated customer service is that these products are incredibly simple to use, reasonably priced, and can assist your team gets going right away.

Avoid the three most typical automated customer service mistakes

Too Much Automation

Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes

The technology we use now keeps getting better. Chatbots are automated software that can comprehend complex words using artificially intelligent and natural language processing. Even yet, they are not completely error-proof. A tremendous quantity of information can be fed into automation. Although this is true, it is impossible for you to enter every client issue. Particularly when there is a requirement for interpersonal relations.

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Customers typically experience problems when they contact customer support. Customers that are irate do not desire to provide a long list of useless information before their problems are fixed. This would only make things worse.

Automating Only One Channel

Avoid 3 most common automated customer service mistakes

Customers may choose phone conversations or digital means for connecting with businesses. Emails, live chat, and phone calls are the three most popular methods of communication. Customers will have a difficult time contacting your business if you automate only one channel. Additionally, it takes time to register on a different site simply so someone can contact you.

Imagine you have a problem that needs to be fixed right away. It would be inconvenient to need to download an additional app and set up an account just to be entertained. Not to mention the fact that traffic still requires you to wait in line. This makes it harder to communicate with customers.

Not Fully Committing to it

Just because you’ve installed an automated customer service system doesn’t mean the problem is solved. It is not just a one-time thing. Either you make an investment in it or you don’t use it at all. Your customer service procedures suffer substantial harm from a lack of supervision. Automation requires updating with fresh software versions, just like any other technology. In the long run, it is also certain to have problems and errors.

In contrast to automation testing, which uses tools and software, manual testing is carried out by a human to execute a sequence of tests. In light of this, the latter is typically the preferred choice as it minimizes human mistakes.

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A number of tests must be run manually, which takes time. Automation testing tutorials might allow your staff members to concentrate on duties of greater value. They will be able to have the necessary skill set thanks to these lessons, ensuring all your automated customer service goes without a hitch. Contact us to resolve client issues without the need for live employees.


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