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Automation platform for Developers

Automation platform for Developers

Save Development Time

DevOps automation takes time and continous effort from in-house developers

Scalable Integration

KinCloud customizable API integrations let you future-proof your software suite

Tailored Solution

Our integrations are readily available, anything from webhook API to third party automation


Why traditional integrations don't work

Talent gap

Third-party API integration is labor-intensive and presents a huge learning curve for unspecialized developers

Lack of reusability

Website integration is notoriously subject to breaking each update cycle, creating long-term maintenance cost

Lack of standardization

Creating custom code for every new integration creates compatibility problems for future integrations


Traditional waterfall API development is restrictive and lacks variety, unlike a custom solution

Heavy costs

Data mapping and modelling is costly and not scalable, and requires resources for maintenance and frequent updates

Security and compliance

It can be challenging to ensure security, privacy, and regulatory compliance with new data sources


Make integration and data centralization easy

Centralize and streamline your workflows by automating manual tasks
Eliminate silos
Connects apps, processes and people for more visibility
Smart integrations
Integrates with existing apps from spreadsheets to complex ERPs or legacy systems

Connect and automate all systems

KinCloud integration platform helps your development team focus on creating new, exciting projects, while we handle the day-to-day workflows.

Why KinCloud?

All-in-One Automation

Integrate with any apps or systems

Centralized data solution

Secure and centralize data from entire of automation workflows

Digital workfaces

Reduce overhead costs and introduce an automated digital system to drive accuracy and efficiency

Hassle free integrations

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