A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes KinCloud Editor November 3, 2022

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

Currently, increasingly more companies have started to adopt automation into their business operation. However, if they do not follow critical steps to get automated processes, they may face various challenges in further operation. Therefore, we are here today to inform essential steps that businesses need to take action when they want to automate company processes.

Essential Step To Automate Company Processes

Identify Automation-needed Processes

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

Before making any revolution to automate company processes, business runners need to comprehend their company’s current situation. Each department may have specialized working processes, specific requirements, and ineffective procedures. Therefore, the leaders should identify which tasks have slowed down overall operations. For example, if customers need to wait for several days due to long order fulfillment processes, then the store owners should pick order fulfillment for automation adoption to shorten processes and satisfy buyers.

Design Workflows

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

Automation workflows not only need to prioritize speed and efficiency but also follow specific requirements of departments. Therefore, to come up with the most productive workflows and automate company processes, leaders should consult with the in-charge employees and collect their valuable ideas. Then the developers can form code-based workflows for easy adjustment and deployment. However, non-tech employees may find it challenging to understand, then they need a tool to visualize them. That’s why your business may need automation software that enables no-code workflows like KinCloud. In detail, KinCloud allows developers to write in code, but then move to the visualized studio to make it more understandable for non-IT users. 

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Use An Automation Tool

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

Companies can’t go automation without a robust automation tool. Among various choices on the marketplace, choosing the best fit for your business is truly challenging. Admittedly, running a business process is not a single task, which needs support from different applications. Therefore, businesses should opt for automation software that has a strong ability to integrate needed tools. For example, KinCloud is able to integrate hundreds of separate software, to form a powerful system for your companies. Choosing a large-integrated application also benefits your automation budget as your team can utilize several tools in one app.

Optimize Workflows

A Sales-focused guide to automate company processes

Having your expected workflows is not the end. Businesses, especially beginners, may have some uncertainty that whether their new workflows can contribute to overall productivity and efficiency. Therefore, they need to have a thorough reflection on their automated operation. Some automation tools can keep track of processes to generate performance reports, which are valuable for business runners to evaluate outcomes, record mistakes, and identify potential issues. Then, they will come up with more powerful techniques to upgrade the workflows and thus optimize overall operation. Also, this step is not only for the first time of automation as managers should keep upgrading their workflows annually.


We have brought a sales-focused guide to automate company processes, where you can find appropriate techniques to level up your current operation. Moreover, if you still have many concerns about automation, feel free to contact KinCloud to get supportive solutions.

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