7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier KinCloud Editor October 24, 2022

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

You could have to decide between going over expenses or completing the job late if a task is not on a schedule. Project integration management places a strong emphasis on situation analysis and making well-informed decisions. Operations are not conducted in isolation thanks to integrated project management. It considers not just how different project components relate to one another but also how those components link to other organizational components.

What Is Project Integration Management?

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

In order to ensure that each department is operating consistently, integrated project management (IPM) entails coordinating all of the assets and parties that are involved in a project. IPM specifically demands that each company today submit all pertinent data regarding the project objectives. Additionally, all business divisions are required to make concessions and trade-offs on conflicting aims and specific project objectives in order to promote coherence amongst the various departments. This method makes project management more effective and efficient.

7 ways an integrated project management software will simplify your work

1. Improve the Project Estimation Process

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

An enterprise-wide strategy for estimating your project’s resources and costs is provided by project estimation. You may quickly comprehend a project’s impact on resource capabilities and its financial impact on your running budgets by applying a straightforward method of project estimation. Project estimation also aids in standardizing how your sales staff and project managers communicate with clients and provide estimates, which has a beneficial overall effect on output, client happiness, and the amount of projects you complete on schedule and under budget.

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2. Optimize your resource usage

By planning resources ahead of time, integrated project management gauges their control over the use of particular resources, matches projects and work parcels with available resources, and, in the event that resources are not available and postponements are not a choice, considers alternate strategies, tradeoffs, or re-prioritizing work. With the capability to quickly assign the most suitable resources available based on skills, experience, and placement, to efficiently fill resource requests, and to manage our conflicts and issues, resource scheduling offers the capacity to maximize resource usage levels and boost revenue for companies with less systematic or more volatile resource planning requirements.

3. Effective internal & external communication

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

A channel for task and project communication is created by project management software, both inside for the team and outside for your clients and others. People can obtain detailed information that promotes transparency and communication by exchanging documents, whether these documents are contained within the tool itself or in a system that is integrated with a third party.

4. Enhanced customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction is another of project management software’s commonly mentioned advantages. The client grins as they leave when a job is finished on schedule and within budget, and the satisfaction of consumers is one you will cooperate with again. Intelligent project management software offers the functionalities required to maintain this supplier/client relationship. By utilizing simple project management software techniques, you may concentrate your efforts, achieve your goals, improve your deliverability, and raise your chances of success.

5. Project Dashboards

You can see the status of each project task using the project dashboard features. Data monitoring tools will begin documenting how much effort your team is working on a task and where they are spending it as soon as you begin using time and assignment functionality. Additionally, it will detail which projects have had greater success than others.

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6. Integrations

7 ways an integrated project management platform will make your job easier

Although they are not precise features, native and third-party connectors give the integrated project management software a boost and make it simpler to manage all of your activity in one location while also saving you time. The majority of online project management solutions have integrations with other applications, which saves time by eliminating the need for repeated emails or spending time logging into several programs. The most popular third-party specialty tool connectors include those with Slack, mail, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, accounting software, document-management systems, and more.

7. Budget management

Among the most crucial components in managing your tasks is your budget. Any business’s future hinges on how efficiently you can perform within the allocated budget. From the beginning statement of work to the last delivery, project management software aids in controlling the budget.

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