4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams KinCloud Editor October 6, 2022

4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

Thanks to the seamless development of technology, the modern workplace has been witnessing considerable changes, especially after the pandemic. Therefore, increasingly more businesses turn the working mode to WFH or hybrid to take some certain advantages. Our article today will suggest some awesome online collaboration tools to ensure efficiency for remote teams. 

Awesome Online Collaboration Tools To Empower Remote Work


4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

At the top of this list is KinCloud, which is known as powerful software to integrate hundreds of applications to form a unified system. Employees can stay on one end-to-end platform and run different processes through integrated apps. As a result, the overall productivity will go up sharply. Moreover, KinCloud can automate various procedures, following pre-set workflows, reducing a large number of manual tasks for the staff. Then, they will no longer be tired of repetitive processes and focus on more meaningful tasks, bringing more value to the companies. 

Microsoft Teams

4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

Remote teams always need a tool to communicate to stay connected. Therefore, it is necessary to have Microsoft Teams. This tool allows users to hold annual conferences or meetings to keep track of the performance with high-quality dissolution and sound. Moreover, the team members can upload needed materials and documents on the Teams workspace, especially in form of docs or spreadsheets as Teams is a part of the Mircosoft ecosystem. The employees can send instant messages with text, emojis, stickers, and attachments to their co-workers like other kinds of messaging apps.

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4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

If you are finding an online collaboration tool that specializes in chatting, you may find interest in Chanty. Chanty possesses simple features to enable employees to communicate via messages and search texts in the unlimited message history. Moreover, this tool provides a task manager, which is a kind of messaging tool to remind people in charge to finish their tasks on schedule. Also, it is user-friendly so employees at all levels can work well.


4 intriguing online collaboration tools for remote teams

Monday.com offers a powerful tool to keep track of different projects and workflows at once via a synchronized system. It does not matter where are you and what device you use, you can entirely access the network and check the team’s progress to avoid missing the latest updates. It is a no-code system, allowing employees to create and customize workflows for automating various processes. Monday.com provides an attractive and logical interface with calendar mode so you can organize and take control of your to-do list. Moreover, the managers can take advantage of this online collaboration tool to assign new tasks for free members, to ensure everyone has a job. Also, if you wonder whether Monday.com can really fit your business operation and requirements, you can sign up for a free trial (no need for payment information) and make decisions later.


We hope our recommendations for online collaboration tools will help your business conduct more well-organized and efficient remote projects. However, if you still have questions about enhancing collaboration, try to contact KinCloud to get instant solutions.

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